MD squared shares MedTech Insights with Technical Medicine Students at Career Event

MD squared was invited to present at the Clinical Career Event organized by the student association Variscopic from the Universities of Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam. The career event, visited by 300+ students, aims to inform Bachelor and Master students about the possibilities of their future careers.

Technical Medicine combines clinical and technology education at university level, and aims at enabling students to become “technical doctors”. This novel approach nicely fits in the multidisciplinary philosophy of MD squared, as we believe that the interdependency of different specialties and expertise is critical in bringing meaningful medical device innovation to patients in a time.

During MD squared’s interactive breakout session, students gained insights into how their newly gained skills could be applied with MD squared’s clients across various innovative technologies (e.g. Robotics, AI for Diagnostic Decision Making, resorbable and 3D printed implants, to name but a few). The breakout session ended with a quiz amongst the 60 participants, in which 3 winners of the MD squared Trophy excelled in recognizing different products of MD squared clients and their intended purpose.

Overall, the event provided an excellent opportunity for us to connect with technical medicine students, who wanted to explore career paths beyond traditional clinical roles and learn about the wider ecosystem of Medical Device Innovations.

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