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We provide the full circle of services in the MedTech Industry for Investors, Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, and Small and Mid-sized Enterprises. With inter-disciplinary content matter experts, we asses and support meaningful innovations that will shape the future of Healthcare. Our commitment is to help you to get superior results: better outcomes, lower cost and improved patient experience in clinical care.

Seasoned professionals in MedTech

We are a team of international experts in Medical Devices and In-vitro Diagnostics helping you to start, assess, improve and grow your medical device business. We have experience in the fields of Regulatory, Quality, Clinical, Research & Development, Business strategy, Marketing & Sales. Our expertise in these relevant areas is at your service for taking the right steps to grow your business.

Our concept


We apply a four-step approach to support and build a successful MedTech business.


Assess the core proposition with the patient and healthcare professional in mind & identify the framework for building a successful company in MedTech.


Validate the core proposition with customers and plan ahead for success.


Create a loyal customer base and execute the plan to reach valuable milestones in the development of your product, customer & market.


Grow your company and improve your Medical Device or In-Vitro Diagnostic proposition.



The four-step approach can be applied to support Start-Ups, Scale-Ups & SMEs and Investors. To learn how, please choose your box of interest below.  

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